BRB Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of BRB

BRB Full Form – Big Red Button

BRB Full Form – Be Right Back

Be Right Back

Friends BRB is commonly used on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Gmail etc. BRB is used when you are chatting with your friends on social media over your system and you have to do some very important work which you cannot give up or someone has called you. So in such a situation, you can go to do the necessary work or you can do the work by saying BRB to your user.

Big Red Button

Traditionally, however, BRB refers to a Big Red Button, an important, non-descript button associated with a power, reset, detonation, self-destruction, emergency shut-down, or ejection switch. The only real rule for the BRB is “do not press,” unless it’s an extremely dire situation, of course.

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