You brought home from a tourist place

You brought home from a tourist place

What is it
When did you buy it
From where did you buy it

– There are many things that I have bought from tourist places

– Here I would like to talk about a hand made bag which I bought from GOA.

-If I take a trip back to my memory lane, it was last October when I paid a visit to GOA with my kith and kins for amusement.

-It is a very beautiful place to visit.

-We stayed at hotelhad beach viewn and it was really treat to watch.

-After spending whole day on the beach, in the evening we went to market for shopping.

-Actually there is a hand made bag which really caught my attention.

-When I asked about it, I got that it is made of spare clothes. It looked really apealling and I decided to purchase it.

Why I puchased

-First of all,The best thing which I like about the bag that it is an
eco-friendly reusable bag and easy to carry.

-It was promoted by japanies prime minister so that environment can be protected from the reach of polybag.

-Secondly, I can use this bag for many household purposes and also for shopping.

-So, this hand made bag is the thing I brought home from a tourist place.

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