Talk about a problem solved through the Internet

Talk about a problem solved through the Internet

• There is no denying the fact that internet is one of the biggest problem solvers nowadays.
• There are millions of problems which people across the world solve using Internet every day.
• If you have any problem, be it personal, technological, medical or related to anything in life, Internet can offer you numerous solutions.
• Today I would like to talk about a time when I fixed my mobile phone using the internet.
• Unfortunately, during the last winters, I accidentally dropped my phone in the water and it stopped working.
• I was standing in the kitchen, checking messages on my phone when suddenly my brother came from
behind to scare me.
• I was not expecting him to be home so I got shocked and, in that moment, I dropped my phone into a jug full of water.
• I immediately pulled the phone out of water but by that time the damage was done and the phone stopped working.
• I felt really bad as it was an expensive new phone that I got recently as a gift.
• I scolded my brother for scaring me like that but I was more worried about the phone as I did not have enough money to buy a new one or get it repaired.
• So, I immediately started searching google for solutions to my problem.
• Luckily, I found a video youtube explaining how to fix your phone in such scenarios.
• The person in the video suggested to immediately disconnect the battery from the phone and use a hair dryer to blow the water away.
• After that I had to keep my phone in a rice container for a day.
• The rice would help to suck the moisture out of the phone.
• I immediately followed the procedure and prayed that it would work.
• Most of the people who had viewed the video gave positive comments about this technique.
• It was one of the longest days of my life, I also kept this secret from my parents as they would also get worried and scold my brother.
• Next day I pulled the phone out of the container and connected the batteries and luckily it was working.
• I thanked God and sent a thanks message to the person who had made the video.
• So that was the day when Internet saved my life.

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