Talk about a historical building

Talk about a historical building

Which is the building

Where it is

How you know about the building

Why you think it is important


1. I would like to start by saying that…

2. India is one of the oldest civilizations of the world and known for its heritage and history.

3. There are numerous beautiful historical structures across India. Which building is it? And where is it situated?

4. But, here I would like to talk about one of the ‘seven wonders’ of the world, Taj Mahal.

5. It is situated at bank of river ‘Yamuna’ in Agra which is one of the districts of U.P

6. It was built by Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal around 17th century.

7. It is the symbol of love and beauty.

8. This building is a big tourist attraction and billions of tourists visit this place every year from across the world

9. I was fortunate to visit this incredible monument last year with my friends

What makes it special?

1. Well, if we talk about the features of Taj Mahal, it is a miracle of architet’ I believe.

2. I mean when I had a first glance at it, I was awestruck by the beauty and the grandeur of it.

3. It’s a huge tomb ever made by human hands

4. It looks so beautiful that I was completely mesmerized for a while. I was spell bound to be honest.

5. Everything is quite unique and awesome; however, the use of white marble and the engravings on it are quite magnificent.

6. Apart from that, there are lots of eye catching visuals. For instance, when you look around, it is surrounded by lot of greenery

7. It has a garden in front of it where you can see trees and different colours of flowers

8. There is also a row of fountains which adds to the beauty.

9. But the best view can be seen in the night when it shines like a pearl in the moon light.


1. So, all in all, it’s an amazing and unbelievable historical structure and a definite treat to watch.

2. The beauty is beyond every comparison and words

3. It is definitely the pride of India without any doubt.

4. Every one should visit it at least once to have an experience of their life. Thanks

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