Talk about a friend or person who recently got success

Talk about a friend or person who recently got success

○ Who was the person
○ When did he get success
○ How you felt
○ Why you think it is important

1. Well, I would like to start by saying that success is the result of hard work and preparation. My all friends are amazing as they all want to reach the heights of success.

2. But here I would like to talk about a friend who has recently been successful.

3. He is, in fact, my best friend and recently he has achieved his goal of going from “fat to fit”.

4. Well, he was very obese 2 years ago as he loved junk food so much that he used to eat it everyday.

5. But one day he told me that he was tired of being addressed as a fat person and he wanted to change it.

6. That day only he committed to change his eating habits and make exercise a part of his daily routine.

7. I think, he left no stone unturned to change his physique and I have personally seen his transformation.

8. He has lost around 100 pounds and now he looks so muscular and recently he has participated in a body building competition and was a runner up.

9. A local health magazine has also featured him on cover page.

10. I am so happy for his success as I know how hard he had to work to achieve this goal and I consider him my role model to be honest.

11. All in all, I can say that he has proved that with sheer determination and hard work, one can reach the heights of success.

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