Talk about a foreign language you want to learn (other than english)

Talk about a foreign language you want to learn (other than english)

○ What language would you like to learn
○ Where will you learn this language
○ Why you want to learn this language
○ How will you learn this language

-A language I would like to learn apart from English is French
-There are many reasons for this
-The first and foremost reason is that I want to visit my uncle and aunt who live in France
-They told me that if you wish to communicate with Franco phones it is very essential to know some French
-There, very few people know English
-My uncle has also offered to sponsor my fees for higher education if I decide to study in France.
-In that case, if I choose to study there, then learning French would be a
necessity Another reason is that my parents are planning to move to Canada So, my knowledge of French would come very handy there
-It might help me in getting a job
-French is spoken in 33 countries
-It is the second most commonly taught language after English
-Even in my country, if I know a foreign language, then I can get a good job in the tourism industry
-Everyone knows, tourists from all parts of the world flock to India
-Those who are multilingual definitely stand a better chance in the job market. Fortunately, a language training Institute by the name of Aroma Language Centre has opened in my hometown
-They teach French, German and Italian.
-Their next batch is starting soon.
-I would enroll in that batch.
-Two of my friends have started learning French there.

Follow Up Talk about a foreign language you want to learn (other than english)

1. What can people do to learn a second language?
People can do many things to learn a second language, like they can join formal language classes, learn through the online resources, travel to the country where the language is spoken, or watch movies in that language.

2. Is it popular to learn English in your country?
Yes, it is popular to learn English in India. In fact, it is the language of instruction in most of the schools in India. It is also the official language in India.

3. What are the difficulties to learning a new language?
There are some difficulties learners may face when learning a language. The grammar and other rules need to understood and learned. Vocabulary and pronunciation may also be difficult to learn. Some other challenges could be comparisons with one’s own language which cause an hindrance in learning the new language.

4. What is the best way to learn a new language?
I think there are many good and effective ways to learn a new language. I consider classroom learning the best because we can learn from an expert and also get some practice with our peers, which helps with learning a language faster.

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