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Rat – History, Habitat and Amazing Facts

A rat is a small creature and it is recognized just because of two reasons. One is that it spoils our house like clothes, books and food grains, and secondly it is a ride of our deity Shri Ganesh Maharaj Ji. Today we will tell you the interesting things related to rats in this post.

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Why do mice munch things?

The teeth of the rat continue to grow very fast, if they do not rub their teeth with anything, then the teeth of the rat will grow by one to two inches in a year which will tear their jaw. Meaning that munching rats is not a hobby.

Facts about Rat

1. The population of mice on the earth is ten times more than humans. Five – six pimples can easily lick a man’s house.

2. A rat-rat pair can produce up to 1000 babies a year.

3. A female rat can give birth to children at the age of two months and can give birth to 12 children every three weeks.

4. The average life span of a rat is 1 to 2 years. But if a rat is fully taken care of, it can live up to 5 years.

5. Mice can put long leashes up to one and a half feet and can also swim in water.

6. In English, the mouse is called Mouse, Rat Ja Mice. Mouse is derived from the Sanskrit word mas (mus) which means – thief.

7. American researchers say that rats can also sing by listening to different sounds.

8. A rat’s heart beats an average of 632 times a minute while that of humans is only 60 to 100 times per minute.

9. Researchers say that the brain of the rat also behaves in the same way as some humans and it also has an amazing ability to learn.

10. Mice produce ultrasonic waves faster than the speed of sound, which have an intensity between 50 and 100 kHz. The ears of humans cannot hear sound waves of this intensity. When these waves were made so that humans could hear them, these sounds were like whistles.

Why is Ganesha’s vehicle a mouse?

Friends, in our Hindu religion, every creature and thing has been considered as the abode of God. Every living being, whether it be small or big, has the same soul. To show this, our sages are associated different beings with different gods, such as – snake from Mahadev.

Lord Ganesha having an elephant’s head and a riding rat means that even though the two are different from each other in shape, the soul is the same in both. He too has the abode of God. Apart from this, Lord Ganesha is also the god of wisdom.

According to Ganesh Purana why is Ganesha’s vehicle a mouse?

The Ganesha Purana, dedicated to Lord Shri Ganesha, tells that the mouse is the vehicle of Ganesha just because of a curse.

Once upon a time, a semi-god named Cronch accidentally put his foot on the feet of Muni Vamadeva in the assembly of Indra, the king of the gods. Muni felt that the crunch had done this consciously and they cursed him to become a mouse.

The crunch fell at the feet of the sage and began to seek redress of this curse. But the sage could not take this curse back. In order to convert this curse into blessing, he told Crochan that in future, you will become the vehicle of Shiva son Ganesh.

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