Interesting part of your country or A place that is interesting in your country

Interesting part of your country or A place that is interesting in your country

○ Where it is
○ How you got to know about it
○ What is it famous for?
○ Explain why you think it is interesting

1. Well, I’d like to start by saying that India is well-known for its diversity.

2. It has diversity in its culture, tradition, seasons, and food.

3. Here I’d like to share with you an interesting part of my country, India and that is the Northern part of India.

4. As a dweller of Northern part of India, I’ve special affinity towards it due to many reasons.

5. First of all, North India is famous for its crowd-puller places.

6. There are number of tourist attractions and spell bounding places which are renowned for their historical and heritage importance/significance.

7. It includes number of Hindu and Sikh Pilgrims such as Haridwar, Ayodhya, Mathura, Golden Temple in Amritsar.

8. Not only Indians but also people from different parts of the world visit these places which make them crowd-puller places.


9. In addition, there are number of cities such as Shimla, Chandigarh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand and many more which have many sightseeing and eye-catching spots.

10. Secondly, Northern part of India is well-known for its different and distinguished languages.

11.Different type of languages are spoken here such as Urdu, English, Hindi or Punjabi.

12.Thirdly, Northern part is famous worldwide for its delicious and scrumptious cuisines and fruits.

13.For example, Makki Di roti and sarso da saag are the traditional dishes of Punjab and others such as Chole Bhature, Rajma Chawal, Palak Paneer and so on.

14.The climatic condition, on the other hand, is excellent.

15. I mean, people living in the Northern part enjoy all types of seasons and weathers.

16.Oh… I almost forgot to tell you that it is famous for its agricultural land along with lush greenery around.

17.All in all, I feel very happy and blessed for living in the Northern part of India due to the availability of all the required facilities. Thank you…

Interesting part of your country or A place that is interesting in your country

1. Do you think cities worth visiting is also suitable to live in?
It depends. For some people such places are sources of income. For others, these places are overcrowded and expensive to live in.

2. Do you think cities worth visiting is also suitable to live in?
The place should have good employment opportunities, recreational and educational facilities and the healthcare facilities should also be good.

3. Do you think cities worth visiting are also suitable to live in?
No, I don’t think so. A detailed plan can guide people about the place they want to settle in or just visit.

4. What is the difference between the people living in the city and people living in the countryside?
People are the same everywhere, but the life in countryside is slower, and so people have more time for each other. They have fewer needs and so life in villages is not that expensive. So, people care for each other. On the other hand, life in cities is faster, so people are living isolated lives. They are running after material wealth and in doing so have become workaholics. They have no time for each other.

5. What is the difference between big cities and small cities?
Big cities are overpopulated and so have their own set of problems. There is a lot of traffic congestion. During peak hours, it may even take hours covering a few kms by car. The traffic moves at a snails pace. Small cities are better in this respect. Moreover, cost of living is higher in big cities. Small cities are relatively easier on the pocket. Big cities have their set of advantages also. Job opportunities are more and the jobs are also better paid. Small cities have fewer job openings and pay packages are also not that handsome. Crime is also more in big cities just because of the anonymity it offers.

6. What is the difference between north and south part of your country?
There is a lot of difference. The weather is different, so the life is different. People have different cuisines and the clothing styles are also different. Despite all these differences, people embrace each others culture and tradition and live as one.

7. What makes one country different from the other?
Well, almost everything, from clothes to food to language to customs and traditions to rules and laws. Similarities are there because of globalisation, but differences are always there, some minor and some major.

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