DSLR Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of DSLR

DSLR Full Form is Digital Single – Lens Reflex. In others word, we can say DSLR means a digital camera that has only one Lens and with the help of mirror, it reflexes the image and draws the picture.

DSLR History

The DSLR camera was first invented in 1969 by Willard S. Boyle and Geroge E. Smith using a digital sensor. In 1975, an engineer from Kodak, whose name was Steven Sasson, invented this digital camera. Then again in 1986, Kodak Microelectronics Technology developed the Image Sensor of 1.3 MP CCD, and it was more than 1 million Pixel.

Difference in DSLR and Mirrorless Camera

  1. The DSLR camera is higher in weight while, mirrorless camera is lighter in weight.
  2. In DSLR, the image is reflected from the mirror while the image in the mirror less camera is viewed on the digital display.
  3. The DSLR camera has focus fast. Mirror less is slightly slower than DSLR.
  4. Focus can be improved by changing the lens in the DSLR camera. While in Mirror less you cannot change Lens.
  5. DSLR’s battery life is good. Battery life is reduced due to display in mirrorless.

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