DNS Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of DNS

DNS Full Form is the Domain Name System. If you want to access any website then you must have the IP address of that particular website. IP address exists in numerical, which is typically hard to learn. There are crores of websites and we cannot remember the IP address of all websites. Therefore, we remember the name of websites. Now, here comes the role of DNS. A DNS is an internet service that translates a domain name into corresponding IP address and we get access to that particular website.

For example – we write fb.com in google then DNS plays its role. DNS directly access the IP address of facebook and we get our result. There are many IP address of facebook such as

DNS Advantages

  1. We can get result through IP address rather than remembering name of website.
  2. In case of maintenance or downtime the requests are answered by the closest node through Anycast technology.
  3. The messages are delivered to users with zero downtime.

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