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Difference Between Advertising And Publicity With Example

Difference Between Advertising And Publicity – Hello friends, welcome to StudyGuider. Today, we are going to share Difference Between Advertising And Publicity with you. There are five prime difference between publicity and advertising, which is given below.

Difference Between Advertising And Publicity

Sr. No.BasisAdvertisingPublicity
1Paid- UnpaidAdvertising is a paid-form of marketing communication with target customers Advertiser makes payment for it to the media/ad-agency.Publicity is usually unpaid form of marketing communication. Here, the business-unit usually makes no payment to ad-agency/media.
2CredibilityThe message given in the advertisement is less credible in comparison to publicity, because the advertising-message may be exaggerated.Publicity is more credible as the message is given by unbiased source. The sender of message is not the mouth-piece of manu- facturer. He is not paid for communicating the message.
3SponsorAdvertising always has some identifie sponsor and that is the producer/dealer. They issue the ad in the media.The sponisor of putbliciy may be identified or un-identified.
4Control Over MessageHere, the message is in the direct control of advertiser. The advertiser can give ad at that time when he desires.Here the message is not under the control of advertiser. Even the timing of publicity is not under the control of marketer.
5Positive, NegativeAdvertising is always of positive nature. In ads, the advertiser’s product is shown as a good product. The advertiser’s product is never criticised in ad.Publicity can have both positive and negative effect. Anews/article may criticise or favour the product. It may have good or bad effect on the image of business unit.

Difference Between Advertising And Publicity

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