Design of a building you visited and liked

Design of a building you visited and liked

● Where is the building
● When you visited
● Why you liked
● Where did you hear about it?

1. Well,I’d like to start by saying that paying a visit to new places helps to spend quality time with kith and kins as well as it is an amazing way to let our hair down.

2. Moreover, it gives a break from the monotonous and mundane routine.

3. As I dwell in a beautiful city, (_NAME_) and there are various places which are crowd puller and where people go to de-stress themselves.

4. I also pay a visit to some of the places every now and then.

5. But here I’d like to talk about a very interesting and fascinating place I visited.

6. It’s called Shri Krishna Museum and it’s housed in the heart of the city, Kurukshetra near historical Braham Srover.

7. I visited this Museum last Sunday (change accordingly) with my family members in order to get an escape from the hassle of the world.

8. Now, talking about the reasons why I found that place interesting.

9. First of all, this museum is a major crowd puller place and is a tourist attraction place.

10. A lot of people visit it not only from India but also from different parts of world to admire the beauty of it.

11. The museum displays ancient and modern art objects related to Mahabharata period.

12.It actually gives information about the historical Battle of Mahabharata and also about the people, culture, dressing and life style of those times.

13.Apart from that, the weapons which might be used in the war are also exhibited there like swords, shields, armours, bows, arrows and spears etcetera.

14.The most striking and interesting feature of the museum is the sceneries based on the actual war scenes.

15.They all look???? incredibly real.

16.OPTIONAL (The sceneries like sermon of Geeta given by Lord Krishna, Bhishma lying in the bed of arrows leave an everlasting impression on our mind).

17.What else I can say… oh yes… there is also a cafe where individuals halt and eat some of the scrumptious and mouth-watering cuisines.

18.All in all, the whole experience was quite amazing, thrilling and interesting and a flying visit there filled me with energy and vigour. Thank you.

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