Describe your first day at school

Describe your first day at school

  • Where it was ?
  • What happened ?
  • How you felt on that day ?
  • I would like to start by saying that school is considered as temple of education, so for getting better education, I enjoyed my alma mater life in two schools.
  • I mean to say, my primary school was different from secondary school, and
  • Today here, I would like to recall wonderful days of my primary school.
  • Firstly, I tell you about the location and surroundings of my school.
  • It was housed in the heart of my village, not only this, even I can reach there within one minutes just by crossing the pedestrian lane, as it was really adjacent to my home.
  • Secondly, Now I am sharing the memories of that day.
  • I still remember, my mother took me there and as I entered into the school, my joy has no bounds because my school was surrounded lush greenery and few peers were paying in the play ground, that moment really caught my attention.
  • In the class, I met with many peers and teacher was also so kind.
  • In the lunchtime, I enjoyed my processed food with my classmate.
  • Lastly, if the talk about my feeling then honestly speaking. I really felt myself on cloud nine.
  • I not only tied in friendship but I also enjoyed the environment and education imparted by the amazing staff of school.
  • Company of everyone, really ads feather to my cap.

Questions asked by examiner in part 3

1. Do you think students should be taken to school by their parents or go by themselves?
Children in primary classes should not go to school by themselves. Either the parents should drop them or they should arrange a van or bus. Children in high school and secondary school can go on their own.

2. Should children rely on their parents or be independent?
Children should rely on their parents till they are studying. Once they complete their studies they should start earning and become independent.

3. How can children become more independent?
Children can become more independent if parents let them take small decisions on their own when they are very young. If parents allow children some freedom, then children can become independent very soon. It also depends on education and job. If children start earning, they can become independent very soon.

4. What is the effect if parents interfere with children’s life too much?
If parents interfere with children’s life too much, children either become rebels or withdraw into a shell and become introverts. Their personality is snubbed, and they cannot develop to their full potential.

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