Describe your favorite clothes

Describe your favorite clothes

• What is it like
• Who gave it to you
• When you wear it
• Explain how you feel about it


1. I would like to start by saying that…

2. I’m fond of wearing stylish and different kinds of clothes

3. And I have a wonderful and unique collection of clothes.

4. But here I would like to talk about a phenomenal and exquisite piece of clothing.

5. It’s a sherwani which is presented to me by my elder brother.

6. I wore it on my sister’s wedding last year.

7. And I thought it was looking really stunning on me.

8. I got lot of compliments on that day to be honest.

Reasons to like

1. This sherwani is my favcurite piece of clothing for variety of reasons.

2. First of all, think it looks very beautiful.

3. It’s mahroon in colour

4. I wore it with same colour’s turbaa and chudidar payjama.

5. It’s embroidered with shiny beads, zari, stones and silk thread.

6. It’s quite attractive and a product of superior quality.

7. Secondly, the fabric used in the sherwani, is soft and smooth

8. It’s ideal to be worn in Indian weather conditions.

9. Moreover, sherwar.i is a blend of tradition and style.

10. It gives us a royal feeling.

11. It’s delicately crafted outfit to enrich the personality.

12. It adds glamour to the persona.

13. It gives honorable look and enhances the grace and elegance of the wearer.


1. Overall, this is a product of highest degree.

2. And is a perfect wear foi good occasions like weddings and festivals.

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