Describe a time when you enjoyed free time

Describe a time when you enjoyed free time

  • When it was
  • Where you were
  • What you did
  • How you felt about it?


  • There have been many situations in my life when I have got a chance to enjoy free time.
  • Today I would like to talk about the time when I had just completed my secondary education and I was free for couple of months.
  • It was during the spring of 2016 and my exams had just got over.
  • I had four months with me before I started college.
  • Since I was waiting for my results so I had nothing else to do.
  • Also I worked really hard for my examinations, so I wanted to take a break.
  • For the first month, I did nothing at all.
  • I just sat at home all day long and watched my favorite shows on TV.
  • After that it started to feel boring so I decided to visit my cousins in the village.
  • There I did a lot of fun.
  • I used to go to the fields with my uncle everyday and played a lot of games with my cousins at home.
  • I really cherish those days as I had a very good time with my relatives.
  • I came back home in the month of June and it was very hot during this time of the year.
  • My results had also come and I passed with great marks and was looking forward to join college.
  • I still had two months before my college started so I decided to join some activity.
  • I signed up for guitar classes in the evening and joined a gym nearby my home.
  • During the daytime I went to a NGO near my home where I taught maths to children of 5th standard.
  • I believe all these activities brought a positive outlook in my personality and I felt really good at that time.
  • I became more healthy and mentally strong.
  • I also learnt the importance of the time and I think one should utilise the free time in a constructive manner instead of sitting idle.

Describe a time when you enjoyed free time follow ups

  1. What do people in your country like to do when they are free?

People do a lot of things during their free time, most of the people like to gossip with each other or get in touch with friends and mobile. Nowadays, most of the people use the mobile phones to listen music or watch videos whenever they are free.

  1. Do you think parents should make plans for their children?

Yes parents should definitely make plans for their children because if they are kept free then they will get bored and might create trouble for others. Also the children can learn a lot of things if there parents plan their time.


  1. Do you think most people are able to manage their free time?

I think most people get very little free time these days so they do not think about managing it. Everyone is very busy these days and people hardly   get time to relax so whenever they get free they like to do nothing.

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