Describe a teenager you know

Describe a teenager you know

○ Who is he/she?
○ How you know this teenager?

○ What this teenager likes to do?
○ How you feel about this teenager?

● I know many teenagers but here I would like to talk about my cousin Rania.
● She is eighteen years old.
● She has just completed her senior secondary in commerce stream.
● She is not tall but very beautiful.
● She has curly black hair and a very fair complexion.
● She generally wears jeans and T­shirts but on formal occasions she wears
traditional Punjabi suits.
● She is very polite by nature and respects elders.
● She has a great sense of humour and can turn any tense situation into a
happy one.
● She is also very good at studies and many times used to help me when I
had any problem in Mathematics.
● Now also she helps me in any situation when I need her help.
● Although she is younger to me she is like a true friend.
● She is so trustworthy that I can open my hearts secrets to her and be sure
that she would never let me down.
● Actually she is my paternal uncle’s daughter and lives next door.
● We see each other daily and sometimes even play badminton in the park
opposite our house.
● Teenage is a very stressful period of life as there are physical and
hormonal changes going on at this time.
● At the same time there is the stress of choosing subjects on which the
future career depends.
● A great support of family is needed at this time.
● I am fortunate my teenage was a very happy one and so is Rania’s.

Follow Up Describe a teenager you know

1. What is the difference between teenagers and children?
The main difference is the level of maturity. Children are more innocent and immature as compared to the teenagers. Life is less complex for children. However, for teenagers, life seems more complex and confusing as they are going through physical, biological, and mental changes. They are neither adults nor children. Those are the most impressionable years of a person’s life and it’s the time when they make very important decisions about their career goals.

2. Why do you think this difference can classify teenagers and children
I think this difference is natural because of the changes that they undergo biologically during the teenage years. It is also because of the awareness and the exposure that the teenagers have as compared to children.

3. Who do you like teenager or children?
I like both, but I like teenagers better because I can share my feelings with them and be friends with them. Their company makes me feel young.

4. What is the attitude of teenagers towards old people in India?
It is difficult to generalise and put all teens in one group. Some teens in India think that the old people are too nagging and dislike their ways, so they avoid them. Some always respect them and take their advice for every matter.

5. Do you think teenagers today are better than those 30 years ago?
I think teenagers were always the same. Their opportunities have made their outlook of life different. Today’s teens are the most well informed than ever before. They have the power of the internet and the satellite TV. They know or you can say have access to all knowledge. Earlier teens had to listen to their elders because their elders were their only source of knowledge. They were dependent. Today they are more independent. So, they behave differently.

6. What are the differences between teenagers and old people?
Old people have the experience of life, which the youth do not have. So old people are not hasty and impatient like the teenagers. Moreover, teens are very comfortable with the latest technology. Old people find it very daunting to learn about the latest gadgets.

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