Describe a practical skill you learned

Describe a practical skill you learned

• What this skill was
• When you learned it
• How you learned it
• And explain why you think it was important

1. Well, I would say learning never ends. In other words, learning is a life-long process.
2. A person learns from different experiences, people, situations or through books.
3. Honestly speaking, I’ve also learnt number of things so far in my life.
4. Here I would like to talk about one of the skills which I learnt and it is a skill of Furoshiki.
5. If I take a trip back to my memory lane, it was last October when my cousin came from Chandigarh.
6. Actually, it was the month of my birthday. So she decided to gift me a handbag which was eye-catching.
7. Moreover, I was quite surprised after hearing that the handbag was made by her.
8. When I asked her, how she made it. She replied that she made it by the skill of Furoshiki. That made me curious to learn that skill to be honest.
9. Lemme (let me) tell you a little bit about Furoshiki. Basically, Furoshiki is an art of making handbags with the help of spare clothes. It is a Japanese technique.
10. I would say, it wasn’t an arduous task for me to learn it.
11. In fact, it was a piece of cake to learn as it is quite easy and an attractive skill to be learnt.

12. We made a beautiful handbag by using some of the old and spare clothes and by using few knots andwists to cloth.
13. In addition, it required no sewing.
14. The best thing which I like about the bag that it is an eco-friendly reusable bag and easy to carry.
15. Furthermore, I use this bag for many household purposes and also for shopping.
16. Personally, I have also taught this art to my other cousins and also to many friends.
17. All in all, I must say, I enjoyed a lot while learning it. Even I think, every person should learn this fascinating skill.

Describe a practical skill you learned -Follow ups

1. What age will make it difficult for a person to learn a skill?
I believe that age is not a factor. Willingness to learn can make a person of any age learn anything. Recently, I taught my grandpa how to use a computer and made his facebook ID. Now he and his computer are inseparable. He is very active on the facebook.

2. Will the age of 5 or 20 be better?
It depends on the skill. If the skill is stitching clothes, then 20 is better. If the skill is related to technology, the 5 is as good as 20.

3. Who will you learn a skill from, friends, teachers or parents?
I will learn from anyone who is willing to teach me patiently. I can also learn from the Youtube videos on the net.

4. What’s the difference between children learning what they like and learning what they have to learn?

Children learn very quickly if they like what they are learning. But if they are forced to learn, they do not learn it well, as it is a half hearted approach.

5. Do you think boys and girls should learn the same skills?
Yes, I think boys and girls should learn the same skills. There are no gender differences nowadays. Everybody should be free to choose what they want to learn.

6. Why do boys tend to have better critical thinking skills?
I don’t think there is any difference in the critical thinking skills of both genders. There maybe individual variations but definitely not gender variations.

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