Describe a healthy lifestyle you know

Describe a healthy lifestyle you know

  • What it is?
  • How you know it?
  • What one would do living in this lifestyle
  • Explain why it is healthy


  • Health is one of the most important things in our life today, so it is very important to live a healthy
  • In order to stay healthy people do a lot of
  • Some people join a gym, play a sport or even consult a dietician.
  • Today, I would like to talk about a lifestyle which is a mix of the above as it involves regular exercise and good eating
  • I have also implemented it in my
  • I have joined a gymnasium near my
  • I go there everyday in the mornings at 6 and exercise for approximately 1 hour.
  • At first, I do stretching exercises in order to warm up my
  • Then I do running on the treadmill for 10
  • After that I do weight training according to my weekly
  • People who go to gym mostly work on muscle training thus making them more healthy and
  • I work on one muscle everyday like biceps, chest
  • I also take protein shakes after returning from the gym and keep a check  on what I
  • I try to measure my calorie intake and do not eat items that contain too much fat or
  • I also eat lot of fruits, green vegetables and
  • This lifestyle is healthy because exercising regularly makes you a stronger person., both physically and
  • I have reduced a lot of weight after joining the gym and now my body is in good

Describe a healthy lifestyle you know Follow Up Questions

  1. How should schools teach students to live healthy?

Schools can do a lot of things to teach children about living healthy. They can introduce health as a subject in student’s curriculum. Schools can also provide sports facilities to the students which will motivate the students to make exercise a part of their everyday life

  1. What can doctors do to help people solve health related problems?

In our country doctors are considered next to God, so people always take their advice seriously. Since prevention is better than cure, I feel doctors should suggest preventive measures like exercise so that the dependency on medicines can be reduced

  1. What kind of lifestyles are unhealthy?

Lifestyle that involve eating junk food and no exercise is very unhealthy.Secondly, taking work or any other stress is also leading to a unhealthy lifestyle.People should avoid such lifestyles because  as  they say, “Health is Wealth”.

  1. What do people in your country do to maintain health?

In my country, people do various  things to maintain health. Some people like to do Yoga, some like running, some prefer to go to the gym and some prefer playing a sport. People are also consulting dieticians nowadays in order to reduce weight.

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