Describe a bag you want to own

Describe a bag you want to own

  • What kind of bag it is?
  • Where you want to buy it
  • How much it will cost you
  • Why you want this kind of bag

  • Well, I do not know much about bags as I have used just a few school bags and handbags.
  • Here I would like to talk about a bag I guess most famous amongst the tourist and the bag is of American Tourister. It is mainly used by frequent travelers who travel overseas.
  • I got to know about this when I was shopping with one of my friends as he was migrating to Canada, due to which we were searching for the best quality durable bag.
  • The shopkeeper showed us the bag and said it is the best kind of bag because of the supreme quality of stuff used to make it. Apart from its unbeatable storage capacity, it also has some advanced features, which allured me.
  • Firstly, the luggage in the bag remains highly secured as it has a lock that opens with a thumb print of the Owner. This is amazing.
  • I have never seen any bag with this kind of feature. Honestly, at that time, I thought that this bag would make me feel like James Bond.
  • Moreover, now everyone uses a smartphone, and it often gets discharged. So, taking care of that, a mobile charger is also provided in this bag. After listening to all these features, we bought it.
  • However, its price was Rs. 7000, which is quite expensive but its worth it.
  • I would also love to buy this bag from the same shop as the Owner promised to give a hefty discount. So, this is bad I would love to have.

Questions asked by examiner in part 3

1. Why do you think women like to buy bags?
Women like to buy bags because they are convenient and let them carry their makeup, keys, credit cards, etc. safely. Also, women consider bags a style statement and it helps them complete their overall look. Some women like to buy the latest in trend bags and coordinate their bags with their outfits.

2. Is the backpack practical in life?
Yes, backpacks allow you to be comfortable and hands-free. They don’t put much strain on the body and can be easily carried for hours.

3. Why are some people willing to buy expensive bags?
Some people are willing to buy expensive bags because they are made from good materials and last longer. Some people buy expensive designer bags because they associate them with status and like to flaunt them in front of friends and relatives.

4. In the future, what changes will bags have?
Bags made from canvas, faux leather (vegan leather) will gain more popularity as more and more people will realize that mankind is harming animals to harvest leather. Bags will also become more practical in the future and convertible bags that go from handbag to backpack to shoulder bag will be more common.

5. Why do children need to carry a uniform schoolbag?
Schools want all students to look the same and thus require similar school bags. Requiring everyone to look uniform leads to better academic performance and enhances student discipline. Children need school bags to keep their books and personal belongings in an organized manner.

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