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CRT Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of CRT

CRT Full Form is Cathode Ray Tube. The term CRT is used in many places such as  science, biology, medicine, numerology, astrophysics, transport and organization.

Cathode ray tube is a kind of vacuum tube in which electron beam is inflicted on Phosphorescence to produce images. Desktop Computer and Monitor Screen also have same cathode ray tube. (CRT), pictures are shown in television, this is known by the name of Picture Tube.

Basic Components of CRT

(1) Anodes – This accelerates electrons.

(2) Electron Gun – It generates a beam of electrons.

(3) Evacuated Glass Envelope – It keeps the entire cathode ray tube assembled.

(4) Fluorescent Screen – It is made of phosphor when electrons attack it emits light.

CRT Features

(1) Physical size – The size of CRT is large and heavy.

(2) Contrast – They have a much better contrast ratio and give more visible detail in dark pictures. While the LCD display lacks to give them bright white levels.

(3) Cost – CRT is disappearing from the market. Most manufacturers have ceased production of CRT. It is very cheap and very difficult to find in the market.

(4) User Friendliness – CRT uses a 4: 3 ratio display screen. You may have seen in traditional TV, a black bar at the top and bottom of the screen. This means that it is not able to use all the screen space. Whereas, LCD screens are very wide, meaning that they either have a small bar or none at all.

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