Computer – Advantages, Characteristics And Disadvantages

A device , which is used to accept raw data from us , processes them as per our instructions and produces results in the form of information , is known as Computer . Also , we say computer system is a general purpose machine that processes data according to a set of instructions that are stored internally. The instructions can be stored temporarily or permanently in the Computer System .

Advantages Or Characteristics Of Computer

Keep rememberAdvantages and Characteristics Of Computer are same. First of all, we will make discussion about advantages of computer, which is given below.

1. High Speed – A computer is a high speed device capable of performing arithmetic at unbelievable speed. The units of speed in computer are microsecond (millionths), the nanosecond (thousand millionths) and even the picosecond (million-mllionths.) A powerful computer is capable of adding together two 18-digit numbers in 300 to 400 nanoseconds (i.e. about 3 million calculations per second). Consider an example from non numerical environment. The manual indexing of the complete work of Thomas Aquinas (approximately 13 million words) would have taken 50 scholars about 40 years to accomplish. With the aid of computers a few scholars did it in less than a year.

2. Accuracy – Computers never commits errors in processing. Computerized systems sometimes do produce wrong results but in almost all such cases the error is because of wrong input of data and instructions. Computers today are capable of calculating upto eight or more significant digits with remarkable precision.

3. Storage – The internal memory of the computer is not sufficient enough to hold the data and information for subsequent usage. To overcome this limitation auxiliary storage devices such as floppy disks, hard disks, CD-ROM etc. are used. By storing data and information in these devices we can display the information again and again whenever desired.

4. Reliability – The reliability of the computers is indeed very high. Modern electronic components have long failure free lives. A microprocessor chip is said to have a life of 40 years even under adverse conditions and much before it falls, it will become obsolete. Computers are also designed so as to make maintenance easy. Most of the hardware is in module form. When a component fails, the component can be replaced or repaired at a minimal cost.

5. Versatility – This is the fifth characteristics of Computer, computer is a very versatile machine. This machine can be used to solve the problems relating to various different fields. At one instant, it may Je solving a complex scientific problem and the very next moment it may be playing a chess game and then be busy in taking up a payroll problem.

6. Automation – Once a program and instructions are input in the computers memory, the individual instructions can control the program execution. The operator need not make intervention when program is being executed because the instructions automatically take care of the steps to be processed to solve the problem.

7. Diligence

A computer can operate twenty four hours continously without taking any rest. It works with same concentration even if 100 million instructions are to be performed, it will perform the 100th million instruction with the same accuracy as the first instruction.

8. Data Base – The use of computer facility in business organisation facilitates establishment of database. Data base integrates data records and reduces data redundancy.

9. Reduction in Paper Work – The use of computers for data processing has helped the management of business organisation to cope with the increasing problem of paper handling not only by speeding up the process, but also by eliminating some of the paper needs through the storage of data in elaborately constructed data bases and files where they can be retrieved when needed.

10. Reduces Cost – Though the initial investment for installing a computer is high but it substantially reduces the cost of each of its transaction.

11. Facilitates Report Preparation – Data maintained with the help of a computer facilitates the preparation of various type of reports required by organisational executives for the purpose of decision making and control.

12. Reduce the space requirements – The use of computer for office activities reduces the requirements of office space which otherwise is required.

13. Reduce the manpower requirement – The number of persons required for performing various organisational activities will be reduced by using a computer system.

14. Increased ability to perform computations – The use of computer has helped in performing computations with speed.

15. Intangible Benefits of computer – It includes, customer image, leadership in the industry and community, increased customer morale and management confidence.

Disadvantages Of Computer

1. I.Q – No. I.Q It possesses no intelligence of its own. Its 1.Q. is zero atleast till today. It has to told what to do and in what sequence.

2. The application logic must be understood – The computer can only process jobs which can be expressed in a finite number of steps. Each step must be clearly defined. If the steps in the solution cannot be precisely stated, the job cannot be done.

3. Dependent on human being.

4. It requires a lot of looking after.

5. Environment

6. No Feeling/Judgement – Computer cannot make judgement which a human being make in day to day life. Its judgement is based on the instructions given to it in the form of programmes that are written by us.

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