A website which helped you to do something

A website which helped you to do something

Which site is it
How did you know about it How it helped

●I surf the internet very often, in fact daily.
●There are many websites which help us to do many things.
●Here I would like to talk about a website through which you can find videos.
●It is
●Whenever I have to do something, which I have not done before, I search a video on this site, and believe me ma’am, there are many to choose from
My friend sent me a video of 3D origami once, and I was amazed to see the clear instructions.
●It has helped me in many ways.
●I have done many school assignments with the help of youtube videos.

●If I like any channel on youtube, I subscribe to it and then get that
channel’s updates in my e­mail.
●Recently, I baked a cake by watching a you tube video.
●It turned out perfect.
●It was an eggless chocolate cake.
●I bought all the ingredients, such as self raising flour, cocoa powder,
baking powder, condensed milk, vanilla extract. Once my mother was not at home.
●I made rice by watching a video.
●That too turned out perfect.
●Videos are better than oral or written instructions.
●So this is the website, which has helped me many times to do something.

A website which helped you to do something

1. Who in your family use the site?
My siblings use this site. Sometimes my father also uses it. ( Give your personal answer)

2. Can internet help children in their study?
Yes, definitely. The Internet is an ocean of knowledge. Children can take the help of many educational sites on the net.

3. Will the internet replace the teacher?
I don’t think so. The teacher will always be there. The teacher can keep the student focused on study. The Internet cannot do so.

4. Will downloading music or movies for free cause a problem?
Yes, it can cause problems. It can affect the sale of this music and the movies also. But it cannot be stopped. People will always find ways of doing so. This has also made many amateur singers and actors famous overnight.

5. What are the reasons why people use the internet?
People use internet for various purposes like entertainment, to gain information or for online shopping or services like banking etc.

6. Some people say that different age groups have different tastes on the internet content. What do you think?
Yes, interests change according to age. Children like to watch cartoons on internet whereas the younger generation uses it mainly for social networking and shopping. The elderly are using it for finding and sharing information.

7. What influence can (or does) the internet have on children?
Internet has positive as well as negative impact on children. If the internet access is not supervised or appropriate parental controls are not implemented, children can access restricted websites which can have a negative influence on them.

8. What kind of people don’t use the internet and what are the disadvantages that those people suffer because they don’t use the internet?
Some people who are against technology and have orthodox thinking do not use the internet. But mostly poor people do not have access to internet. These people are not aware about things happening around them and how technology has brought convenience to our life. So they are dependent on others all the time for information.

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