A time when you invited someone to have dinner at home

A time when you invited someone to have dinner at home

• I am a social Butterfly and I love to connect with people.
• I also love to try new restaurant or cuisines as they are really scrumptious.
• So, I usually go out for dinners or invite people for the same.
• Recently, one of my pen pal was visiting us from Italy with his family, so I decided to take them out for dinner.
• I asked them about their preferences for food but they said they would like to go wherever I took them.
• Finally, I decided to take them to Sukhdev Dhaba because one can enjoy multiple cuisines there and the best part is that one can have unlimited food.
• This restaurant is located in the heart of Panipat and Delhi and there is always a huge waiting list.
• So, I made a booking in advance with them for us.
• My Friend had never been to this restaurant before.
• When we reached there, he was really felt over the moon to see the interiors of the restaurant.
• I then explained them about the unlimited food concept and they got really excited as they were looking forward to trying Indian food, none other than 56 bhog.
• At this restaurant a charcoal grill is placed at the table and one can barbeque the starters on it.
• After few minutes, we got a big platter having 56 items in it.
• There was also a big screen which was running Live Cricket Match from IPL tournament and since we both are fans of Cricket, we enjoyed watching cricket along with really tasty food.
• I believe people should often have dinner together as it is a good way to spend time and build healthy relationships.

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