A talkative person cue card

A talkative person

1. Who is he/she?
2. How do you know him/her
3. Do you like him/her?

1. Well I’d like to start by saying that I’ve known many of the extraordinary personalities. Some of them are extrovert while others are introvert.

2. Here I’d like to talk about my cousin, (add name), who is recognised as the chatterbox not only in his family but also among his neighbours (or those who know him).

3. (add name) has seen 15 springs of his life.

4. We both are best friends since our childhood and usually we spend some quality time with each other.

5. Talking about his qualities and the reasons why he is known as the blabbermouth.

6. First of all, he has an amazing sense of humour. In other words, his nature is quite hilarious.

7. In addition, no person can feel mundane and stress in his company.

8. Whenever, for example, I feel under-weather, I always talk to him and literally his funny/humorous jokes help me to de-stress myself.

9. Secondly, he is quite curious to ask different and unique questions. His inquisitive attribute makes him an extraordinary person.

10. The another interesting virtue he has is that he is a conversational opener.

11. What I’m trying to say is that he can never stay quiet if any person sits right next to him.

12. Sometimes he faces many of the problems owing to this. (For Humour).

13. He is the only individual among his family members who is motormouthed (so talkative).

14. What else I can say, he has a diamond heart and he is also quite above board. These are another fabulous traits he has.

15. Oh yes, one more thing is that he is a fun loving person. I mean, he tries to enjoy every single moment of his life.

16. All in all, I can say he is very close to my heart due to his amazing virtues.

Part 3 – Follow Up A talkative person

1. What communication skills are important?
I believe verbal communication skills are the most significant and must be honed in every individual. The communication in everyday life revolved mostly around verbal skills rather than written communication or non verbal communication. Good interpersonal skill is also a top requirement in the jobs these days.

2. Are you talkative?
No I am not a person who speaks a lot. I mostly speak when I am asked to or when some situation requires my opinion. I believe in the philosophy that one should speak less and think before speaking.

3. Are most Indian people talkative?
I guess, yes, most of the Indian people love to talk and it is evident by the large amount of noise you can hear at the public places like railway stations, malls etc. I think one of the primary reasons that Indian people love to talk is the fact that Indians love to socialise. They like to know each other’s well being and discuss what is going in one’s life.

4. What jobs need employees to be talkative? 
The first job that comes to my mind would be of a Radio Jockey because talking is the primary thing they have to do in their job. They are supposed to entertain people by talking a lot, cracking jokes. Another job, I would say, could be a teacher as they have to give lectures to the students, which involves a lot of speaking.

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